Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2, Ishapore has its own salient features as it intends to create ambrosial ambience for the holistic development of the children. Education is the process where multiple formative factors converge during the development of the personality of a child. The rearing rigours and the perennial positive parental attitude at home go a long way in the making of the mindset of the child. The curricular exposure in the school and the willingness of the child to suck the nectar of benefit stamp their presence on the intellect with a streak of permanence. The approvals of the society induce the thinking tenacity of the child. Moreover the child is blessed with an autonomous mind. This allows him to imbibe views on his own based on the previously internalized concepts. The spiritual level of the child has a stellar role here as it renders the child conscientious. Only a conscientious child grows fast on the commendable track of learning. Otherwise the child grows hostile, listless and unwilling. He enjoys groping in the darkness that shows its repercussions in every activity of the child and it negates the empowering prowess of education because the purport of education is to commend the good and condemn the evil as pronounced by the Greek philosopher. Today technology adds momentum to the process of learning and conceptualization. Explosion of knowledge in all spheres of human activities leads to the honing of life skills that aim at easing the pangs of life but to tame the mind so as to enjoy the peace of mind had been the desired goal of humanity because it renders wholesomeness to our existence. The touch stone of this endeavour is to build a rock solid and pious character to enable education take its own course with piousness after chumming light. We are extremely blessed that Kendriya Vidyalayas No.2, Ishapore provides the opportunities for the development of a child in the true sense of the term. We all stake holders are supposed to keep on contributing our mights to ensure our personal and organizational developments. The key notes of educational developments are purity, perspiration, perseverance and fortitude with the firm and focussed mind.
Extrinsic development eases existence. Intrinsic development proffers peace of mind. Spiritual development spews fragrance in life. The child grows philanthropic and becomes a boon for humanity. So let us resolve to develop incessantly, positively and purposefully to lead a meaningful life on the globe with the spirit of becoming blissful to each other. Who does not long to develop!
With good wishes,